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Safety is the responsibility of the range master & trainer!

Why would we devote a whole page of our website to safety? Because we understand that SAFETY is your top priority.
You teach safety. You practice safety. You need The New Safety Standard on your outdoor range.              Get Safe - Get A GOPHER!
Think Safety First

Don't put anyone at RISK any longer! Now you and your members can cost-effectively retrieve your targets safely from behind the firing line. Whether you set up your range using a permanent installation on your own outdoor range; or temporarily on someone elses land with our portable options...


You can be confident that you have taken the right precautions to provide a safe environment for all involved.

CCW Trainers

Before becoming a Concealed Carry Permit Holder, some of your students will learn everything they know about gun safety from you. That's a big responsibility. As you teach them about HOT and COLD range safety, you're adding an additional safety factor because no one will actually need to go down range. Incorporate Gopher Target Retrieval Systems into your outdoor range - it is The New Safety Standard.

You Are Responsible

As a responsible instructor, safety is always your top consideration. Your class members are literally entrusting you with their lives. Be sure your Gopher Target System range is set up with a safe backstop and complies with all local, state and federal regulations.

Retrieve Targets From 100 Yards

The Gopher Original Kit comes with everything you need to send ​your targets out to a selected distance up to 25 yards (both permanent and portable installation options are available).

Our Gopher Xtreme Target Retrieval System will allow for the safe retrieval of targets at variable distances up to 100 yards.

Talk About It

Talk to other trainers. Why should teaching on an outdoor range be any less safe than an indoor range? Get Safe - Get A GOPHER.

Gun Safety

The NRA, USCCA, NSSF and other organizations sponsor a variety of material and programs designed to encourage the safe use of firearms. See more information below:


NRA Firearm Training

NRA Gun Safety Rules

USCCA Concealed Carry

NSSF Range Safety Rules

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