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Family Owned and Operated


Our "outdoor target retrieval system" began as one of those after-Thanksgiving-dinner conversations in front of the wood stove. As a family of engineers and machinists - we quickly decided to run with it.


Within a year, we had taken the vision from a simple idea, through the product development and testing phase, and then to the market. 

We are now the best (if not the only) option available for trainers, public & private ranges, and individual sportsmen who want the safety and convenience of outdoor target retrieval system kits.

And now with our 4x4 mounted system kits, you are able to retrieve your targets safely from up to 100 yards.

Our team is small enough to deal with you on a personal level about the specifics of your range, yet capable of manufacturing and delivering the quality system components you need to build your professional range.

Call us today at 844-GOPHER-1 or 844-467-4371.


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