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  • Tim Gebhart

You Can Build Your Own

As a range owner, you may want to customize your facility to include target retrieval systems on some or all of your range lanes.​ We understand. That's why Gopher Targets offers you choices.

You can choose complete kits for one of our standard installations. Our Original Gopher (shown) is designed for target retrieval up to 50 yards (150 feet) and our Gopher Xtreme, is capable of retrieval up to 100 yards (300 feet).

You can also select from our standard kit sub-assemblies and components you need to customize and build your range system around your existing structure like Southwind Sporting Clays & Quail Hunting located in Quitman, Georgia.


Gopher Targets has everything you need in one convenient location on our website. Have questions? Get started today by calling 844-467-4371 or visit our online store.

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